Catch-up with friends

students return to school to catch up with friends in Cambodia

Catch up with friends in Cambodia

When you have left school and home is an hour from school, the chance to get to catch up with friends is great! 

When your favourite teacher will cook some food for you, what could be better? Covid is just about under control. Lockdown has finished, life is gradually returning to normal.

Here some students in rural Cambodia are having a great time. They call the teacher “mom”, which I think is wonderful. 

Many of these students have lived away from home since the age of 11. They have lived with relations in the local villages just so they can get an education. Or they live in a dormitory or the local monastery. It is not an easy life. As a result their best friends all live at or near the school and home is where your parents live – not your close friends.

When I visit the chance to catch up with friends in Cambodia is wonderful. Usually in a rural location. The hospitality is great..

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At this school about 50% of the students live away from home. Here the students are grade 10, 11, 12. 

If they live in a dormitory they have to cook for themselves, clean their own clothes and be presentable every day. They have to clean their dormitories too.

This is not an unusual situation for students at school in Cambodia. 


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