IT Club Cambodia

How we help

Broadening the knowledge of IT with students

We first proposed a IT Club Cambodia in 2019. It took until 2020 to get it moving. We aim for two main benefits. Firstly, to give students the basics they need because Cambodia wants to become a digital economy. Secondly to encourage students with a technical mind to examine IT as a potential career.

As Cambodia strives to become a digital economy, all people will need more understanding of IT. Most importantly, it is by giving broader education to these young people will help drive that knowledge into the community.

Computer Clubs are not a new idea – but in rural Cambodia, direct engagement of students in other IT subjects is new.

When starting in early 2020, we soon had to abandoned the first course near completion when the country went into lockdown. It restarted in 2022 and now multiple course are running. This activity is now run under the project IT Club Cambodia. Our website for IT-Club can be found here. Schools or Institutes interested should see IT Club or register here.

IT-Club Cambodia

Initial project 2020, started after covid-19 in 2022. Now running in more locations.

More about IT-Club can be found here.

Alternatively see the Facebook page itclub.cambodia


To Grow An Orchid funds it education in Cambodia through IT Club Cambodia
IT Club at school

Computer Club - Key subjects

  1. Web browsing/searching finding and using information 
  2. Staying safe on-line
  3. Social Media 
  4. Use of email 
  5. Computers – how to copy files, how to back-up your data, passwords, explaining Cloud
  6. Developing a simple website
  7. What does a company’s computer system and network look like, explaining the skills required and roles
  8. Programming – introduction

How this is achieved

  • By understanding the student skills by meeting and listening to them.
  • We engage with schools and their directors to discuss the requirment.
  • The classes have been produced and are available in Khmer and English.
  • A teacher to run the class needs to be identified..
  • We review progress regularly, and after the finish, so we can learn from mistakes.
  • We will change and improve the syllabus from feedback.
IT Club class at KSIT