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Our charity is about helping children in Cambodia. We help the schools therefore helping students and young people in Cambodia improve their skills with IT. In addition this will benefit the country and bring more money to rural areas. Here is how you can get involved.

Individual sponsorship is geared toward helping students either individually or as a group. You can read about some of the students we sponsor. Their lives can be tough. Their parents will probably work as farmers. Long hours. The children must help at home. Parents are keen to see their children do well, but the sacrifice of not having extra income is hard and a conflict to them.

We encourage girls in IT, because there are too few women employed in Technology in Cambodia. In Europe and North America women are well represented in IT. We try to ensure the balance is close to 50-50 in our IT classes. Corporate sponsorship is geared to improving the schools engagement with Technology. From training teachers to implementing software, networks and security.

To see some of our achievements so far, click here.  To donate, click here. You will be able to use Paypal

get involved sponsor a student

Sponsor a student

Sponsor a student – from $12/£10 per month, whether it is one month or a year – your help would be fantastic. One school year is 10 months. Sponsor one month or a whole year ($120/£100). This is the reason for this activity. You will receive a picture of the student and a brief background. The student will commit to giving an update every 3

Pens for students in Camodia

Stationery for students

We asked students what they needed help with. Many said stationery such as pens and paper. To us they are not expensive in bulk, therefore we bought pens (in their village) for them to write their exams. That was appreciated. A box of pens is $12 (£10).  We can help with writing books too. 

book for students in Cambodia get involved

Books for students

We cannot change the curriculum text books. However we can encourage students to read more, because they love to read books that are more engaging. These are re-written for a lower reading age (graded 1-6) and become fun for students learning English. These cost around £6 ($8) a copy. Buy one, buy more – please get involved.

computer donated to school


At this school there are 20 computer for training students, and 20 more for their use in the Library. Total 40 computers for 1250 students. In Europe / North America we would expect hundreds at the school. Our aim is to double this total – and engage more students in a technology career. Computers in Cambodia are around $5-$600 for a standard i3. Here is

firewall and switch

Small networking equipment

The school networks we have seen so far are open and not secure with limited networking equipment. For around $1,500 / £1,200 we can improve the resilience and security of a school network. This will give a base to expanding the networking in a school. They are a long way from a computer in a classroom.

identify skilled teachers

Teacher Training

We will identify who teachers truly engage with IT. Then take steps to improve their training. This will undoubtedly be external training in Phnom Penh (the capital). Subjects in view are Networking, Security, Website development, and others that lead to increased engagement with students.

Networking for Cambodia

Networking infrastructure

There are lots of ways to improve a basic network infrastructure, for the benefit of the school and students. Start with understanding the needs of the school, then identify solutions that are within a reasonable budget.

Are you a school/institute in Cambodia needing help with Information Technology?

If you have seen the project(s) we have done so far and think you need help in moving forward with Information Technology for the School, Teachers or Students, then please get in contact with us.
We look forward to hearing from you.