To Grow An Orchid

A charity promoting Information Technology education in Cambodia

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Why IT in rural Cambodia

because it is easy for rural communities to be left behind progress

If we can give students basic ICT skills, they will be well placed to learn more at University or at specialist training centres

Life in rural Cambodia is tough. Average wage around $150 per month. To get an education, many students live away from home. It is a strain on them and their families particularly those from the poorest backgrounds. Read more …

In support of the main objective, we help  improve the English skills of teachers and students by giving refresher classes with new techniques and ideas. Read more …

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Sponsor students

Many students live at the school or with relations because they live far away. Some struggle to buy food, clothes and stationery. We are always looking for sponsors. $12 / £10 per month.

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English from a native speaker

One weekend we were giving an English refresher class to some teachers. We also spent time with some students – the first class they had ever had with a native English speaker

explaining IT

Explaining an IT subject

Explaining the in/outs of websites. Together with networking and security there are a number of areas we have assisted a school with technology.

ill and recovered student

Helping a sick students

This girl could not afford enough food and was considering giving up school. Your donations helped her recover. She went on to pass her final exams. Thank you.

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Why "To Grow an Orchid"

An orchid will attach itself to a tree purely for support. It gains its’ nourishment from the forest around it. To Grow an Orchid helps schools and students in rural Cambodia grow in their natural surroundings with just a little help and understanding.

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Our 3 primary IT objectives

  1. Help schools with IT projects
  2. Help students gain a basic understanding of IT
  3. Assist students who show an aptitude gain more knowledge to compete for further ICT education in one of the cities


Why rural Cambodia?

Cambodia is slowly recovering from its’ brutal history of the late 1970’s when educated people were targeted and killed. There are few skilled IT people in the country. Although the country has moved forward, the rural areas lag well behind the urban areas.

Read more about Rural Cambodia

Education in Cambodia

  • Educational standards are amongst the lowest – comparable with Senegal and Zambia 
  • Standards are lower in rural areas than in urban areas
  • Just 30% of young people beyond age 15 are still at school
  • Student/teacher ratio and students per class are amongst the highest
  • 96% of students are satisfied with their lives – well above all averages
  • 32% say they are satisfied but have poor health. Far worse than any other country.
  • School is regarded as a luxury – indicated by positive attitude of students
  • Absenteeism is well below OECD and ASEAN averages
  • Read more
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How you can help us?

Are you a school/institute in Cambodia needing help with Information & Communication Technology?

If you have seen the projects we have done so far and twould like help with IT projects for the School, Teachers or Students, see IT Club - we can help you.

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