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For $100 a year you can help a student eat and live better so they can complete their education

When we asked students about how we could help them, they said affording pens and notebooks. When money is tight, it is surprising how little it takes to make life easier. A box of 36 pens is $10. 

Are you a school about to throw-away the student books from last year. Please don’t! Please let us know what you have. Training books in SE Asia are scarce.

Sorting out security, extending wifi, upgrading the internet connectivity can cost less than $1,500. Donations to a specific cause are welcome. Ask us what we need most.

Funding small scale projects across multiple schools, providing 10-20 computers to enable many students to benefit.

Many IT teachers are re-aligned science teachers, with little or no formal training. We need to send them to a city where there are courses in many of the IT subjects

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Are you a school/institute in Cambodia needing help with Information Technology?

If you have seen the project(s) we have done so far and think you need help in moving forward with Information Technology projects for the School, Teachers or Students, then please get in contact with us.
We look forward to hearing from you.