Steps toward a Digital Economy

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To achieve a digital economy

Everyone should be able to

  • Use Email
  • Use Google
  • Enjoy Social Media without fear of fraud or abuse

Our aim is to bring these subjects to students through IT Club. Currently achieved by funding the teacher for extra classes.

Steps to a Digital Economy

For Cambodia to become a digital economy all people need more IT knowledge. In rural Cambodia this will happen through young people taking their skills into the community. (source *KAS – we agree). So let’s start now with some basic IT training.

Our objective

  • Educate students with short Basic IT course
  • Provide Advanced course to encourage students to look at IT as a career
  • Encourage girls with IT

What we have achieved so far

  • Taught multiple classes at two schools
  • Evaluated feedback, improved the course
  • Funded the teachers to give classes

We provide

  • IT classes in Khmer – Powerpoint + teachers notes
  • Help to answer questions
  • Funding for teacher (or school) to provide free classes – we do not pay for use of school computers
  • Assistance in producing a website (tools, test site)
  • Experience in IT if you need advice or an opinion

What is needed from you

  • Classroom with computers. Internet at school.
  • Teacher who is confident on the Internet.
  • Commitment to provide classes and evaluate results
  • MoU with our NGO

Are you interested?

Email me

Telegram  +447710351766

Basic IT course

Why use email, how to use email

Using Google – beyond finding videos

Social Media

Internet security

  • Understanding misinformation / disinformation
  • Personal and Private Information
  • Protecting yourself


Cyberbullying – do you know

Girls suffer from cyberbullying than boys

  • Spiteful comment – you’re fat/ugly, have acne
  • Sharing, spreading lies about someone else
  • Cyberstalking
  • Sexual harassment / exploitation

When serious, the impact will be

  • They will have low self-esteem
  • They are likely to get lower grades at school
  • Likely to cause stress or anxiety
  • Likely to be unhappy at home or at school

The need – to educate girls and boys, and how to respond if it occurs.

Help school understand practical approaches

between lessons in school

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To all existing supporters – Thank You.  We appreciate everything you do for us.

Are you a school/institute in Cambodia needing help with Information & Communication Technology?

If you have seen the projects we have done so far and would like help with IT projects for the School, Teachers or Students, see IT Club - we can help you.