Local Charity Funds Critical IT Education Project in Rural Cambodia.

To Grow An Orchid funds it education in Cambodia through IT Club Cambodia

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Pangbourne, Berkshire, UK. 26 Sept 23: To Grow An Orchid (TGAO) is a UK charity based in Pangbourne, Berkshire assisting schools and institutes in rural Cambodia with IT education and helping young people from poorer families to finish their schooling.

The problems that faced Cambodia in the late 20th Century have well documented, in books and on film. The country faced countless political and social challenges while coming to terms with the impact and fallout of civil war.
What is less well known is that the country languishes near the very bottom of the league tables for access to education through to age 16 and beyond, particularly for girls and that some of the most basic and simple topics of information technology and social media are not covered by the national curriculum.
Resources are scarce, many children have to travel long distances to get to school and must either live in dormitories or with relatives in nearby villages just to have to participate in the education system. In addition to long days in high temperatures and humidity, the children have to clean their dormitories everyday, be well turned-out, wash their own clothes and prepare all their own meals.
School in rural Cambodia is anything but easy. School hours are 7am to 5pm, extra classes are before or after these times.

The challenges facing young people in all countries are well understood but when these are compounded by poverty, hunger, a lack of basic equipment and a limited curriculum the task is potentially huge. Most parents will only have a text phone and have no experience of social media so.
TGAO’s involvement funds classes to help children understand:
1. The use of Google, other search engines and internet browsing
2. The essentials needed to stay-safe-online
3. Understanding cyberbullying, fake news and false information
4. Importance of and use of passwords
5. The dangers of grooming and how to avoid it
Involvement also occurs in helping schools and institutes enhance their knowledge in projects that benefit the local community.

One such student is Khoem, he gave up school at grade 10 when his father died, in order to help his mother and her young family run their small farm. The family does not have a television. He was determined to complete his education and started again after a 4 year break. TGAO funded him for 3 years so that he could return to school. He cycled to school, he worked hard, passed his final exams and has been rewarded by a scholarship to a University in Phnom Penh.
Sponsorship of a child through this programme starts from as little as £8 per month.
Sponsorship of an IT class providing 5 hours of education to up to 20 children starts from as little as £20 per week.
TGAO is always looking for help and support. For more information on how readers can do this visit the website https://togrowanorchid.org/

For more examples of sponsored students see: our students 

Alternative contact: James Meston 07717 003343